LEGO® Billund Airport (4000016): All Details about the new Special Edition Set


LEGO® Billund Airport (4000016) will soon be the new exclusive LEGO® Architecture styled Special Edition set. During my research for details, I met Lennart Cort, the Designer of this mysterious set. Fortunately, he hasn’t any problems to answer my questions.

Therefore LEGO® Billund Airport (4000016) will be available at the beginning of December and only in the LEGO® Store of Billund Airport which is located in the non-public departure area of the airport. Because of this, only passengers who leave Billund by plane are able to buy it. The set has 281 pieces in total und will cost 54 euros (399,95 dkr/68 US-Dollars). In addition there is a limit of one or two sets per passenger. Another interesting detail: The production of LEGO® Billund Airport (4000016) has been limited to 10.000 sets, so it’s really rare.

My tip: The designer himself is still working in the LEGO® Shop and he will sign your copy after purchase if you like.



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