LEGO Technic 2022 Summer Sets: Ferrari Daytona SP3 arrives, Liebherr LR13000 postponed?


About a month ago we could present you details about the upcoming LEGO Technic 2022 summer novelties for the first time. In the meantime, we were able to find out a few things again, which we want to present to you in this article.

One thing in advance: The rumor still persists that this year’s LEGO Technic Super Car 42143 will not be released this year, but has probably been postponed to 2023. We could neither confirm nor refute this information in our last article. In the meantime, however, we have been informed that the car will probably be released this year after all – but that the 42146 Liebherr LR13000 could be released next year instead.

Theoretically, this makes sense. A possible reason for the postponement of the car was that it could be due to the fact that the real prototype was also postponed and will be released next year. However, as you will read below, the LEGO set is supposed to be a car that was first introduced in 2021. The crane, on the other hand, will have quite a few electrical components and will also be quite large, so again, there’s plenty of potential for why the set could be delayed. Either way, whichever of the two sets it will hit (maybe both), it’s likely at least one of the two large sets will be delayed into next year.

Don’t be surprised to see some square brackets in the article. We have always used these to indicate that we are not yet 100 percent sure here. For example, three of the four new LEGO Technic 2022 summer sets do not have official set names yet. An overview of all LEGO Technic 2022 novelties can be found here, all new LEGO sets of the year 2022 can be seen here.

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42143 [Ferrari Daytona SP3]

This year’s LEGO Super Car will be a … Ferrari Daytona SP3! The supercar was unveiled late last year and pays homage to the 1967 Daytona 24-hour race. The Daytona comes with a V12 engine with 6496 cc displacement and 840 horsepower. The exterior shape is said to be reminiscent of the 330 series, which is why the car has a wraparound windshield and a removable targa roof. The chassis of the car is made entirely of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and the body is made of composite materials.

We can’t say anything about the LEGO set’s features at this point, but they turned out to be rather sparse and not really technical in the last Super Cars. We assume that the LEGO Daytona will have a running engine, opening doors and hopefully a removable roof. The set will consist of 3776 parts and is said to have a price of 399.99 euros.

  • Set number: 42143
  • Description: [Ferrari Daytona SP3]
  • Number of parts: 3776
  • Release date: [01 August 2022]
  • Recommended age: 18+
  • RRP: 399,99 Euro

42144 [Waste Handler]

Fans of the LEGO pneumatic system can look forward to the 42144 [Waste Handler]. The model consists of 835 parts and is expected to cost 99.99 euros in this country. This makes it the smallest of the LEGO Technic 2022 summer sets. Although we don’t know the exact product name yet, we do know that it will be a “Waste Handler”, i.e. a special excavator with an extendable cab and grapple, which is mainly used in scrap yards and other waste disposal operations.

  • Set number: 42144
  • Description: [Waste Handler]
  • Parts number: 835
  • Release date: 01 August 2022
  • Recommended age: ?
  • MSRP: 99,99 Euro

The set contains three pneumatic cylinders, including probably for the first time two in gray color, which are operated by a hand pump and are responsible for the movements of the gripper arm and the gripper tongs with 4 claws. As with the real thing, the height of the driver’s cab can be adjusted. To do this, you just have to turn a gear wheel behind the cabin. The vehicle runs on 4 wheels, of which at least the front two are also steerable. In addition, 4 supports provide more stability during play. The set is kept in a red-black color scheme.

42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter

After the 42113 Bell Boing V-22 Osprey had to be taken off the market 2 years ago before it was even properly released, the Danes now present us with the next “Rescue Helicopter” in the Technic series. We hope that the operating conditions of the original were better clarified in advance this time, because according to our sources, the set will also be released with a license: this time with the permission of the aviation company Airbus! To be more precise, it is supposed to be an Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter.

  • Set number: 42145
  • Description: Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter
  • Number of parts: 2001
  • Release date: 01. August 2022
  • Recommended age: 11+
  • RRP: 199,99 Euro

The model is said to consist of 2001 parts, and the MSRP in this country will probably be 199.99 euros. Visually, the helicopter is predominantly red and yellow, which will most likely be the new yellow hue that is currently already used in the LEGO City sets. The model will feature motorized functions and we strongly assume that the Control+ battery box introduced in the Osprey is now installed here for the first time! The main and tail rotor can be rotated in two different speeds, the main rotor consists of 5 rotor blades. These can even be adjusted in pitch, in reality this causes the helicopter to climb or descend.

On both sides of the cockpit there are control sticks, with which you can actually adjust the tilt of the main rotor, to simulate a flight to the front, back, right or left. A few new parts are said to have been designed for this purpose. The set also includes a working winch, with a hook that can be let down via a device on the outer wall. both cockpit doors and the large sliding door on the side can be opened by hand.

42146 [Liebherr LR 13000]

Probably the most impressive set of the upcoming LEGO Technic 2022 summer sets of the second half of the year will be a huge crane. This will be a Liebherr LR 13000, which in real life is the strongest crawler crane in the world with a lifting capacity of 3000 tons. The maximum system length of the crane is 246 m, which also makes it the largest crawler crane of all time.

  • Set number: 42146
  • Description: [Liebherr LR 13000]
  • Parts number: 2882
  • Release date: [01 August 2022]
  • Recommended age: 18+
  • MSRP: €449.99

And the LEGO model is likely to be just as impressive, as it is said to be the tallest LEGO Technic model ever. Last month we assumed it would be at least 1.50m tall, however it now seems that the crane has been trimmed somewhat in the ongoing design process. This would also explain why the price in Germany is supposed to be 449.99 Euros according to the latest information, instead of the 599.99 US dollars we know.

Incidentally, we can now confirm that the relatively low part count of 2882 actually comes from LEGO using lots of new 7×17 studs large molded parts for the crane’s arms, which drive the price up and the part count down. There will also be 20 new elements that will give a counterweight of 1 kg.

The disproportion between price and parts count (over 20 ct per part) can probably also be explained to some extent by the use of lots of electronic Control+ elements. The set will include a total of 6 motors and 2 Smarthubs, and the crane will be controlled via the Control+ app.

What is your first impression of the LEGO Technic 2022 summer novelties? Are you happy with the selection of sets or would you have preferred other models? What do you think about the fact that a giant crawler crane will be released in the second half of the year? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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