On my own behalf: Selected content and Promotional Brick Catalogue in English


The year is slowly drawing to an end. In the past days and weeks I made my thoughts about the development of Promobricks. In this context I looked at the server statistics and noticed that nearly one of four readers come from abroad. For comparison: A half year ago, the rate was still 20 percent. In my opinion, the increase can be explained, among other things, that I am more active in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, …) now. In addition, I have published some exklusive stories during the year, which were picked up und linked by English LEGO® fan sites and forums.

To get to the point: As of now, I will publish selected content in English. This will come into complete effect at the beginning of next year when I’m visiting the LEGO® booth at the International Toy Fair 2015 in Nuremberg. In addition, all future blog posts about collecting Promotional Bricks will appear both in German and in English. As a logical step I translate the entire Promobricks Catalogue at the moment. This area, the real heart of Promobricks website, will be soon in English only.

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