LEGO® Architecture Lincoln Memorial (21022) will be released in January 2015 for 29,99 Euro


In the first half of 2015, two new LEGO® Architecture sets will be released: Lincoln Memorial (21022) and Flatiron Building (21023). So far, the details of the coming sets are still quite poor. There are a few pictures of the models and the packaging as well as information on the number of pieces per set, but exactly when and at what price the two sets are becoming available, is still unknown.

Thanks to a toy dealer from Bochum/Germany, this has changed. According to product description in its online store LEGO® Architecture Lincoln Memorial (21022) costs 29,99 Euro and will be released in January next year.

To match this, there is still a full product description:

Available from January 2015 • Build a model of the Lincoln Memorial from LEGO® bricks. This monument commemorates Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States. The building, designed by architect Henry Bacon, is recreated after a Greek temple of antiquity. On May 30, 1922, 57 years after the assassination of President Lincoln , the monument was officially dedicated to the American people. Even today, this is an extremely popular tourist attraction, which is open to the public around the clock. Just like the real building in Washington D. C., the LEGO® set also contains 36 Doric pillars for all states in the Union at the time of the death of President Lincoln. This LEGO® model comes with a removable roof to release the view to to world famous Abraham Lincoln statue, created by Daniel Chester French.

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