LEGO 71742 Ninjago Overlord Dragon: Offizielle Bilder

Es gibt endlich mal wieder einen goldenen Ninja. Ab Januar 2021 erhältlich.

LEGO 71742 Ninjago Overlord Dragon
LEGO 71742 Ninjago Overlord Dragon

Unsere Übersicht zu den LEGO Ninjago 2021 Neuheiten des ersten Halbjahres kennt ihr ja sicherlich schon. Bisher gefehlt haben die Bilder zum LEGO 71742 Overlord Dragon Set. Beim niederländischen Online-Händler Brickshop ist der Drache nun gelistet, dazu passend gibt es die ersten offiziellen Bilder sowie eine Setbeschreibung. Demnach besteht das Bauset aus 372 Teile, darunter sind auch zwei Minifiguren: Golden Lloyd und Overlord. Beide sind mit Schwertern bewaffnet.

Der Drache des Schurken ist laut Beschreibung 46 cm lang und 12 cm hoch. Das Set wird hierzulande 29,99 Euro kosten und ab Anfang Januar 2021 erhältlich sein.

LEGO 71742 Ninjago Overlord Drago: Setbeschreibung

Help Golden Lloyd take on the Overlord and his scary dragon in this thrilling action-packed adventure! Watch out when the dragon flies through the sky and tries to grab you with its sharp claws. Face the fearsome Overlord on the ground with your katana, but watch out for his sword. It is vital that the ninja defeat these powerful dark forces!

Little ninjas can recreate a variety of action scenes from Season 2 of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series with the Overlord Dragon (71742) playset. The dragon features a posable head, legs and wings with swords and can assume different poses for even more role-playing fun. Excitement and sensation for young builders. The posable toy dragon comes with 2 minifigures: the ninja Golden Lloyd with a katana on his back and the Overlord with his sharp scythe. So kids get everything they need to play out exciting aerial and ground battles in this classic battle between good and evil. Unique toys for creative children. LEGO NINJAGO toys take children to a fun and exciting fantasy world where they can team up with their heroes against a variety of evil villains and play with a collection of cool toys including dragons, planes and vehicles.

  • The LEGO NINJAGO Legacy Overlord Dragon (71742) playset includes a cool, posable dragon that will keep kids flying around for hours on end.
  • Impressive dragon playset with 2 minifigures from season 2 of the LEGO NINJAGO TV series: the Overlord is armed with a sword and the ninja Golden Lloyd has a katana on his back.
  • This fun toy dragon has an adjustable head, legs and wings with swords, allowing NINJAGO fans to experience all kinds of exciting adventures in the air and on the ground.
  • This playset offers an engaging building challenge for children aged 7 and up and makes the ideal LEGO gift to get creative like real ninjas.
  • Measuring over 4 “ (12cm) high, 18 “ (46cm) long and 18 “ (45cm) wide, the Overlord Dragon will look impressive in any nursery in between fights.
  • LEGO NINJAGO is a great collection of cool playsets that will put a smile on every child’s face. Children also develop important skills when they go on exciting adventures with their ninja heroes.
  • LEGO bricks have been made from the very best materials for over 60 years to ensure that they connect consistently time after time. No ninja skills are required for that!
  • LEGO bricks meet strict safety standards, so your kids are in safe hands.