Autistic Boy and Big LEGO® Fan: A message from Brynjar Karl

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Ein Junge aus Island, der an Autismus leidet und ein großer LEGO® Fan ist, hat mit seiner Mutter ein emotionales Video gedreht und bei YouTube veröffentlicht. In dem Clip bittet er LEGO® um Unterstützung bei seinem ambitionierten Projekt. So würde er gerne eine Einladung in die LEGOLAND® Fabrik in Billund (Dänemark) bekommen, um dort die Titanic als LEGO® Steinen zu bauen.

Eine tolle und vor allem unterstützenswerte Idee, wie ich finde – insbesondere wenn man die Erklärung der Mutter unter dem YouTube-Video zu den Hintergründen gelesen hat. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn LEGO® reagiert und den Jungen bei diesem Projekt unter die Arme greift. Die Marketing-Abteilung des dänischen Konzerns dürfte sich über diese hervorragende Gelegenheit zur positiven Imagepflege sicherlich auch freuen.

My name is Bjarney Ludviksdottir, producer & filmmaker and mother to Brynjar Karl. I’m working on a documentary about autism and my son, Brynjar Karl, who is himself autistic, is helping me with that process.I’m on a journey with him to understand better his way of thinking, how he expresses himself and how he lives his life with autism.

His dream is to become a captain of a ship and his great passion is cruise ships. He loves to study them in great detail and his favourite cruise ship is the Titanic.
He spends a great deal of time collecting information about the Titanic on the internet and has become somewhat of an expert on the subject. If you have any questions about Titanic he can answer them!

LEGO has been an important „family member“ in our lives and has helped Brynjar to develop his imagination and his engineering skills and we consider it to be one of the best investments we have made over the years.

In my documentary I tell Brynjar Karl’s story and how he sees the world, his dreams, passions, sorrows and challenges, hoping to share with the audience how an autistic mind works.

I’m helping him with his goals and so would like to challenge LEGOLAND to invite Brynjar to come to the LEGO factory in Billund and give him the chance to build his own Titanic ship. He is sure he can do this and, knowing what he has accomplished over the years, I believe him!

He understands that this will take time and is ready for the challenge. Now we only hope that LEGOLAND can donate the space and the LEGO needed as well as accommodation and optimism for our mission.

I will record the whole process and use the material in my documentary about Brynjar.

We look forward to your reply. Warm regards from Iceland
Your biggest fans Bjarney and Brynjar

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